Luminate (Convio) Online

How to use Luminate (Convio) online

  • groups control people, security categories control pages
  • essentially campaigns and pages are 1-to-1
  • cross-references are tied to campaigns
  • page wrappers are contained in the security category

1: to begin click on fundraising/donation management

2: to begin, one needs to create a new campaign. Click on the “create a new campaign” button.

3: fill in the necessary details name, description, security category, and campaign type. In most circumstances you want to use the “general“ security category. Click the next button.

4:  under financial options use the default merchant account

one can set a fundraising goal if you choose to do so. Always leave the maximum donor entered amount blank.

When you click finish we now have a campaign. Keep track of the name he will need to reference it later.


Creating pages

1: back in the donation manager screen, enter the name of your campaign and click search until you see it on the screen. To update this campaign click on the manage hyperlink under the actions column.

2: click on “create a donation form” and enter the form name. Click “next”.

3: Select the form template that you’re going to use as the basis for your donation page. In most cases this will be the basic donation form (two pages).

4: enter the public name, enter description, and keep the security category as the default.

5: make sure the interaction mode is “online only”.

6: change the form layout to responsive. Leave the default source code and sub source code blank in most cases. Click the button marked next.

7: On the configured donation levels page click the word edit to update information about donor entered amounts.

8: The majority of the time the only thing you’re going to want to set is the minimum donor amount on line two under gift amount.

9: once this is complete your next step will be to design the donor screens. The default template has set up donor screens based on what you selected earlier in the process. The splash screen will not be used. You can begin my editing the donation form

10: click on edit next to the donation form. In most cases the default will be adequate where we can add or remove fields as you need. In order to update a field you must click on it from the second column then click on the button that says save order and edit



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