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Last Update:        10/14/2019

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Topic:               Use a Shelby box


This involves installing the software, generating a license key file and copying it onto the new machine. The new install will also need Tomcat installed to run.


Detailed Process:
Library Box Important Information updated 2/16/2016

Library Box Instructions

  1. Insert USB drive
  2. Insert Battery (the back pops off, use your thumbnail to open it from the front)
  3. Turn the device on
  4. DO NOT remove the USB drive while the device is ON
  5. The device will take about one minute to be ready to go, there will be three lights on
  6. Go to your wireless network settings on your computer
  7. Click to join the network “Shelby”
  8. Enter the wireless network password: “heylittlecobra” (all lower-case)
  9. Once connected, open an internet browser and enter in lan (or in the URL bar.
  10. There is a microUSB cable that charges the device even while it’s operating. You will get 4-5 hours of use running from the battery alone.


From the main page you can access files from the Downloads tab, or use the File Upload tab to place files to the Uploads tab. Note: after uploading a file, use the browser’s Back button to return to the main page. There is also a chat feature on the front page. You may change the chat name from Anonymous.


When you connect the USB drive to your computer the location for putting files in the “Downloads” directory that users will see on the web page:

USB drive > LibraryBox > Shared > download

FTP access for experienced users

                Username: nobody

                Password: MarianFTP


Step 1:


Step 2:



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