Viewing Checks and Remittances for a specific day

Steps to view the checks and remittance forms within OnBase Custom query, “Daily Checks_Remittances

  1. Open OnBase
  2. Click on Custom Query in the top tool bar

  1. Choose “Daily Checks_Remittances” in list on the left side of the screen

  1. Enter a date range, typically just one day (07/01/2022) for the “From” and “To” boxes. You can also choose the days from the drop down calendar. Click Search.



  1. Select a check from the list. If the “Document Viewer” isn’t expanded, click on it to expand.

  1. On the right side, bottom of the Document Information Panel, click on the cross-reference icon.

  1. If there are any remittance forms associated with the check, they will show up in the list.

  1. If you want to view the remittance form, double click on it and a separate window will pop-up.

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