Setting up your email on an IPhone

Hi there!


For this example, we will be using a user named, "Firstname Lastname", their email address would be

Step 1: Download the Microsoft Outlook app, this can be found in the app store by searching for "Microsoft Outlook"

Step 2: Open the Microsoft Outlook app

Step 3: Sign in with the information provided below, replacing "flastname" with your own username.


If you are having difficulties viewing the above image, the correct log in information is as follows:

Use Advanced Settings should be turned on

Email Address:

Password: "Your email password"

Description: "This is for you to choose what the account is labeled on your phone"


Domain: NAZNT

Username: flastname

If all of the above information has been entered correctly, select "Sign In" and you should now have your account set up on your phone.

A few limitations to note, you can not access inboxes that you are a delegate for from your mobile device.  If you set up your email on your phone, remember that you'll need to remove the account and re-add it when you change your email password or else your phone will keep using the old password and lock your email account.


If you have any questions, IT can be reached via the following:


Outside Phone Number: 913-577-2999

Inside Phone Number: x2999