Offsite Password Change

In general, it is best to change your Active Directory password when you are in the building at the GMC.  If this is not possible, we've put together this guide to help get your password changed with as little difficulty as possible.


Here are the steps for changing your password while not at the GMC:

  1. Close all applications on your computer
  2. Go to (please note that the site will look different than the last time you were there)
  3. Change your password (either by using the Sign In or Forgot your Password section)
  4. Update the password on your phone or other mobile device setup to receive your email/calendar
  5. Connect to the VPN (using the new password)
  6. Lock your computer and wait about a minute (Windows key + "L")
  7. Sign back into your computer with the new password
  8. Sign out and back into the following applications on your phone and/or computer
    1. Nubo (website, nextcloud desktop app, nextcloud mobile app)


Password Requirements:

  • Must be 14 characters or longer
  • Cannot contain the user’s account name or part of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters
  • Must contain three of the following four categories:
    1. English uppercase characters (A-Z)
    2. English lowercase characters (a-z)
    3. Base 10 digits (0-9)
    4. Non-alphabetic characters (ex. !, $, #, %). Any Unicode character that does not fall under the previous three categories