Envoy Email Application

Getting Stared with Envoy.nazarene.org

We are using an application called MailWizz. Here are some concepts.



Each department is a customer in the system. That allows each department (Stewardship, P&B, and NMI etc.) to have their own lists and templates.


Email List:

In order to start sending an email campaign, one starts by creating an email list. The email list identifies the sender, it contains sender information, and allows one to take various decisions related to your subscribers. Each list is separate, which means each list is customizable. This includes subscribers, custom forms/pages and custom fields.



Recipients of the sent email.



A Campaign is one use sending an email to your list of subscribers. The campaign is the email one creates and connects it to a list.


Combining these concepts into an example:

Customer: Stewardship

Email List: (dot) Stewardship Subscribers

Subscribers: revguy@firstchurch.org; mgoodwin@nazarene.org; coachr@trinitysoccer.org; etc.

Campaign: November Dot Stewardship Newsletter


Getting Started:

Step 1: Create an email list

Go to the menu and select Lists, then click “Create New”

Fill out all the relevant information Name, Description, from name, From Email, Reply to, are all required and must be real values. WE require Subject, Double Opt0in, Single opt0out, and full Company

Information as shown here:

Step 2: Add subscribers to your email list


After creating the email list, start importing the subscribers into the list. In order to do so, just click on the list title from lists area, click on the Tools box then the Import box. Imports can be from a csv file, a text file or from another database.

You can import from CSV such as this one:

You should see this with a successful import

Step 3: Create and Send a Campaign


Finally, after creating the list and adding subscribers to it, create the campaign. Select the list you want to use for sending and optionally, a segment from the list. The user can add a new template just for the campaign itself or use an existing one. Test all campaigns before actually sending them. Use this tool (http://www.mail-tester.com/). Once everything looks good, send the campaign.

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