Starting a Conference Call with Vidyo

How to Start a Vidyo Conference call

Vidyo Desktop Version 3.0.2 enables you to join Vidyo conference calls, make point-to-point calls, invite others to your meetings, and control your Vidyo conferencing from a single application.

*Note 1: If Vidyo is not installed or upgraded, please follow the installation instructions below before continuing

*Note2: If you did not change your password since installing the new Vidyo, please follow the password instructions below before continuing


Starting a Vidyo Conference call

Step 1: Launch the Vidyo Client Software

On a PC: The icon can be found on the start bar under “All Programs> Vidyo Desktop”

On a MAC: It may be on your desktop or your dock


Step 2: Enter the portal name, your username, and your password.

The portal name is always: Your username should have been sent to you with a link to set your password (if not see below).

Step 3: Pick your room.

Double click on the room that you plan to use for your conference. This information should have been communicated to the other attendees prior to the conference.

Step 3: (alternate) Pick another user.

If you are having a private conference with only one other Vidyo user, you can enter their name and, if they are available in Vidyo, double click on that name to have a peer-to-peer conference.

 Step 4: Join the Room

Click either JOIN ROOM , if you selected a room

or CALL if you selected an individual user.


You are now in the conference


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