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Adding Kandji to a “in use” Mac

Adding Kandji to a “in use” Mac Due to increased need for more secure Mac’s, Kandji needs to be installed on mac's to be able to maintain certain security controls as outlined by the Center for Internet Security, NIST and others.   Open yo... Read More

Connecting bitwarden in the browser

Install bitwarden extension chrome/brave: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bitwarden-free-password-m/nngceckbapebfimnlniiiahkandclblb firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bitwarden-password-manager/?utm_source=addons.mozil... Read More

Deputation Scheduling Site FAQ

Deputation Scheduling FAQ Key: relevant to Requesters (NMI people), relevant to Speakers (missionaries), both I have a Naz ID, but I cannot log in, why? Your account needs to be activated to work with the scheduling site. Email scheduling@nazarene.... Read More

Escalating Privileges in Mac

This applies to Mac’s with Kandji installed   Due to increased need for more secure Mac’s, users are no longer administrators on their computers. There are some tasks that could be done that do not require the assistance of the GMC helpde... Read More

How to Setup 2FA for VPN

How to Setup 2FA for VPN   You will receive an email from helpdesk@nazarene.org with the Subject of “FTM Activation on FortiGate.” Please keep the email handy as we will use it in an upcoming step. 1. Install the FortiToken Mobile App: On your phone... Read More

Install FortiClient - Mac

Prerequisites: Uninstall Cisco AnyConnect Uninstall FortiClient VPN Uninstall Symantec (\\nazhqgc01-nas\Install\FortiClient\Symantec Removal - MacOS) Reboot Go to and download... Read More

Library (Shelby) Box

IT How2 Last Update:        10/14/2019 Last Editor:       Updated by jbeam Topic:               Use a Shelby box Overview This involves installing the software, generating a license key file and copying it onto the new machine. The new install will... Read More

Nextcloud vs. ownCloud

                                                          History So Nextcloud and ownCloud are basically the same software for making a shared drive look like a webpage. They are like Dropbox and Google Drive but we are running them in our own Dat... Read More

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