Nubo Calendar

Nubo Calendar   About Nubo Calendar Nubo Calendar allows you to create and share calendars to individuals and preset groups or groups via public link. These calendars can also be downloaded but please note that calendar managers such as Outlook will ... Read More

Nubo Passwords

Nubo Passwords   About Nubo Passwords Nubo Passwords allows you to securely save, organize, and share your passwords. It has automated organization for recently used and favorited passwords, and a tagging system for sorting and selecting groups of pa... Read More

Nubo Polls

In Nubo, there is a feature that allows you to setup a poll and share it to a specific group of people, or leave it open for anyone in the organization to weigh in on. You can create a poll to decide on a date and time for a meeting or create your ow... Read More

Setting up Nubo on a Mobile Device

If you use a mobile device such as a phone or IPad as part of your workflow then it will likely be beneficial to be able to access your files in a central location.  Lucky for us, Nubo integrates really well with IOS and is easy to setup.   To setup ... Read More

Share an Upload Only folder in Nubo

Create a Folder Click on the Sharing Icon Click on the “+” icon to create a Share Link Click on the ellipse “…” to open the Menu Select File drop (upload only) Configure any other settings you need Click away from the Menu to close it Click on the... Read More