Active Collab

Signup for Active Collab Click given link to log in. Enter your email and create password. Note: This is not integrated with your network account but if you make the passwords the same, it will make it easier to remember. Login Go to... Read More

Adding Videos for WHDL

Log into the MediaLibrary 1: goto the url:   2: Enter your username and password (optionally you can select “Remember Me:     3: Once logged in you are locked to your Institution and Library ... Read More

Adjusting Reports in InfoView

Open Crystal Reports 2008 Connect to the enterprise server Open the correct report 4: Adjusting JFHP Receipts/Infoview reports. Select the field from the Database picker on the right column.  If the field needed is not in the list, add the tab... Read More

Checking Infoview Report History

To check the history of a report, log into Infoview, go to report in question, and select it. Next, right-click on it and choose "History," or go to Action at the top of the page and choose "History." Read More

Deputation Scheduling Site FAQ

Deputation Scheduling FAQ Key: relevant to Requesters (NMI people), relevant to Speakers (missionaries), both I have a Naz ID, but I cannot log in, why? Your account needs to be activated to work with the scheduling site. Email scheduling@nazarene.... Read More

Envoy Email Application

Getting Stared with We are using an application called MailWizz. Here are some concepts.   Customer: Each department is a customer in the system. That allows each department (Stewardship, P&B, and NMI etc.) to have their own li... Read More

How to Add Emails to Form Tools

How to update a Forms tool form to add or remove an email recipient 1: login to form tools as nazadmin.   2: Edit the form you want to update   3: Click on the emails tab: And edit the template 4: Select Custom Recipient and ADD 5: Update the email t... Read More

Importing data into Excel

After you download the report you will want to open excel. (Don’t click the open button on the download page.) Open it with a blank page. Click “Data”.       Hover over “Import External Date”. Click on “Import Data…”   Navigate to the file usi... Read More

Install FortiClient - Mac

Prerequisites: Uninstall Cisco AnyConnect Uninstall FortiClient VPN Uninstall Symantec (\\nazhqgc01-nas\Install\FortiClient\Symantec Removal - MacOS) Reboot Go to and download... Read More

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