Synology Chat

1. Getting Started With Synology Chat


What is Synology Chat? Chat is a fully secure, end-to-end encrypted chat solution hosted in the GMC Datacenter. This means that no one except members of a conversation can read your messages. Information in any Chat conversation is completely safe wi... Read More

Install Synology Chat - Windows

Important: Many GMC employees will require an Administrator to approve the install of new software. If you receive a prompt for an Admin Username and Password, please contact the Help Desk Go to Read More

Install Synology Chat – Mac

Go to Download the installer and launch it Drag the App into the Applications folder Launch the App from the Applications folder or from the Launchpad   Continue on to the  First Login Artic... Read More

Synology Chat - Channels & Conversations

Channel vs. Conversation A Channel is intended for a group of people gathering together with a similar goal. A Conversation is a private message system where you can chat with one person or a small group of people. There is a nine Member limit, in... Read More

Synology Chat - First Login

Enter the following to Login: Servername = Username = Domain Username (e.g. jsmith) Password = Domain/Email Password (or same as Nlynk) Check Use HTTPS Check Auto login Click on your Initial Click on Settings Enter your F... Read More

Synology Chat Features

Features when composing a Message Under the + icon Upload from my computer Add a snippet (add code that retains formatting) Schedule a message Create a poll Next to the Send button Screenshot Emoji Bold a word - type an asterisk (*) before an... Read More

Synology Chat Mobile App

In your App Store; Search for and Install Synology Chat Accept the Privacy popup Enter the following information: Address = Account = your GMC username (e.g. jsmith) Password = your GMC password (e.g. Computer/Email/Nlynk) Clic... Read More

Synology Chat Settings

General Settings Click on your Initial/Picture Click on Settings   General Tab Notifications Time and Date Format Display Name (please leave this as Nickname)   Conversation/Channel Settings Click on the Wrench icon in the upper right Please... Read More