Using Outlook to View if a Room is Scheduled - Windows

Open Shared Calendar

  1. Click on your Calendar
  2. Click on Open Calendar

  3. Click on Open Shared Calendar…

  4. Enter the Name of the Room you would like (i.e. Atrium View 15)
  5. Click OK

  6. This Calendar will now appear under Shared Calendars on the left side of Outlook

  7. Repeat these Steps for each Room you wish to view
    1. Click here for a list of the Atrium’s. You can also view the Calendars for Garden View A, B, C and D.

View Shared Calendar

  1. Click on the Check Box next to the Room Name

From here, you will be able to see if the room is reserved on a certain day and time along with who reserved the room. Only the Organizer (person who reserved the room) can change the information on the Calendar for their reservation.

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