Synology Chat Features

Features when composing a Message

  • Under the + icon
    • Upload from my computer
    • Add a snippet (add code that retains formatting)
    • Schedule a message
    • Create a poll
  • Next to the Send button
    • Screenshot
    • Emoji
  • Bold a word - type an asterisk (*) before and after what you want to be bold (e.x. *text*)
  • Italicize a word - type an underscore (_) before and after what you want to be Italicize (e.x. _text_)
  • You can use these together also (e.x. *_text_*)
  • Bullet Point - type an asterisk and a space (* ) before the line of text you want to have a bullet point


Features within the Message Thread
Hover your cursor over a message to view these options

  • Bookmark – Only you can see what you Bookmark (See My Collections below)
  • Edit (you can only edit your last message)
  • Add Hashtag (can be used for searching)
  • Add Reaction
  • Start a thread
  • Under More (…)
    • Pin Message – All Members can see Pined Messages
    • Remind Me
    • Forward Message


Other Buttons

  • Settings
  • Members
  • Bulletin – All Members of the Conversation/Channel will see the same information
    • Pinned Messages
    • Files – Attached files in the Conversation/Channel
    • URL – Web Links shared in the Conversation/Channel
  • My Collections – Only you can see information in these categories
    • Threads
    • Bookmarks
    • Reminders
    • Scheduled Messages

Please contact the Help Desk at with any questions or issues.