Active Collab

Signup for Active Collab

  1. Click given link to log in.
  2. Enter your email and create password. Note: This is not integrated with your network account but if you make the passwords the same, it will make it easier to remember.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter email and password and click Sign In.

Create a project

  1. When you first log in, you will be on the Projects From the Projects tab, click the green + Start a New Project button.
  2. Fill in each field with the necessary information but note that only the Project Name field is required. HOWEVER, when adding a project be sure to elect your department as the “Client Company” otherwise it shows up on the global list not yours



  1. Labels describe the current stage of the project; e.g., new, editing, cancelled, paused, etc.
  2. Use categories to organize your projects.
  1. Click the blue Create Project
  2. Invite members and clients to keep everyone in the loop. Add their email, name, or team name, and then click the blue Invite
    1. Members are those who you will work WITH on the project.
    2. Clients are those who you are doing the project FOR.

(most people will not use this)

  1. Proceed to the project by clicking the white Take me to the Project ->

Complete a project

  1. To show that a project has been completed, go to the Projects page and select the “...” button at the right side of the project.
  2. Click Complete and confirm by clicking the blue Complete

Note: This will automatically set all tasks to complete and move the project to the “Completed Projects” list.


Project - Within a project you can add tasks, discussions, files, notes, and keep track of project activity from within a project. Each project has its own email where tasks and people may be added by simply sending an email to that email address.

Find each project email while inside the project by clicking Project Info at the top-right.

Tasks - Use tasks to break up a project into single to-dos that can be assigned to team members. You can set due dates, add labels, discuss and even attach files to a task. Tasks may be organized by lists. You may add any number of task lists and label them with their proper timeframe.

Task labels can be customized. To create a new label to use for specific tasks, add the label to a new task and save it. The label will now be available for any other task in the future.

It is possible to create recurring tasks.

  1. From within the project, make sure you are on the Tasks
  2. Hover over the task title and click on the “...” button for more options.
  3. Toward the bottom, select Make Recurring Task.
  4. Within the Recurring Task Options, use the menu at the bottom to select when to automatically create the recurring tasks.
  5. Click Save.

Note: When discussing within a task, make sure the discussion is important only to that specific task. Otherwise, a more broad discussion should be held within the project section instead of the individual task itself.

Discussions - Use discussions to go over details, ask questions directly to team members. You can notify a specific team member of a topic that pertains to them directly by typing @ and then the team member’s name. Active Collab will auto-complete when typing a name after the @ symbol. Mentioning someone in a discussion comment will notify them with an email.

Files - Add any files pertinent to the project here.

Notes - Use notes for collaborative writing and group your ideas into collections.

Activity - Shows a timeline of all activity that has gone one inside the project.


My Work - Shows everything that pertains to you.


Updates - Shows new comments you’re mentioned in as well as new tasks you’re assigned to.

My Tasks - Every task you’re assigned to from all projects appear here.

My Time - Shows time tracked by you.

My Activity - All activities done from your profile is shown here.


Activity - Shows a timeline of all activity on every project that you are involved with. Good for seeing a calendar overview for everything that your team is doing.

Calendar - All items that have date/time associated with them appear in the calendar. Note: calendar is not integrated with Outlook.

People - See everyone who is on the same projects as you, grouped by company. Invite people by email and add new companies here as well.

Invoices - Find all draft, issued, pending, and paid invoices here.

Estimates - Take a look at expected project costs and client proposals.

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